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Nation That Waited Decades to Pass Health Care Infuriated by Slow Web Site






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Washington, D.C., USA

A nation that waited several decades for health insurance is becoming increasingly infuriated by a website that is wasting minutes of its time, reports from across the United States confirm.

The official website of Obamacare,, has been plagued by glitches, crashes, and sluggishly loading pages, say millions of angry Americans attempting to log on to the site at exactly the same time.

“Look, I know that we had to wait longer for health care than virtually every other industrialized nation on earth,” said Tracy Klugian, a muffler salesman from Akron, Ohio. “But the time I spent on that Web site is thirty-five minutes I’ll never get back.”

Sharing what he called his “Obamacare horror story,” Mr. Klugian said, “Being on that Web site slowed down our wi-fi so much that my kids couldn’t stream videos. For a so-called health-care program, it’s causing a lot of stress that’s the opposite of healthy, if you ask me.”

Harland Dorrinson, a gym manager from Knoxville, Tennessee, had an Obamacare nightmare of his own, having to log on to the site “two completely different times” before getting health insurance for the first time in his life.

“President Obama said he was going to make health care affordable and available to millions of Americans,” he said, bitterly. “He didn’t tell us it would take more than an hour.”


[Courtesy: The New Yorker]

October 21, 2013



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