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Above: Part of the evidence presented by the intellectual giants who argued the case for the Plaintiffs.


Hindu Fundamentalists Claim
The Taj Mahal Is a Hindu Temple






Six lawyers in Agra -- real lawyers, trained in and certified to practice law in Incredible India!™, not jokers dressed up in black robes -- recently moved the Civil Court with the plea to declare the 17th century Mughal monument popularly known as the Taj Mahal to be a Hindu temple.

The six legal eagles, led by Hari Shankar Jain, also asked the Court to transfer ownership of the world heritage site to the Hindu community.

Rajesh Kulshreshtra, one of the lawyers for the Plaintiffs, claimed that there was substantial evidence to prove that the Taj Mahal was actually a Shiva temple dedicated to the deity, Agreshwar Mahadev Nagnatheshwar, the ‘lord of Agra’ and the ’king of Cobras.’

The suit also demanded that henceforth Muslims be restrained from offering prayers at the Muslim monument which was built in the 17th century by a Muslim emperor in memory of his Muslim wife, and therefore now constitutes a Muslim tomb -- exactly as it has for almost four centuries now..  

The name of the monument, it is also demanded, should be immediately changed to Tejo Mahalay, from the current Taj Mahal. The latter, it is claim, is a distortion of the former.

The Court dismissed the lawsuit.

“We will now approach the Allahabad High Court and we are confident our ‘public interest litigation’ (“PIL”) will be admitted on merit there,” Mr Kulshreshtra said.

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If you thought the story was made up, April Fool!

It isn’t. It’s an actual news story reported by The Hindu newspaper on Friday, March 27, 2015.


April 1, 2015


Conversation about this article

1: R Singh (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada), April 01, 2015, 11:41 PM.

There is no denying that the Taj Mahal was built by the Mughals. The workers that worked on the building, some of them if not the majority, could've been Hindu.

2: Rup Singh (Canada), April 02, 2015, 1:48 PM.

I think the sketch makes a very compelling case, it might even be accepted as proof beyond a reasonable doubt by the brilliant Indian courts. But seriously, in this day and age of technology and computers (which I'm sure they will claim to have invented in the 'vedic age') could they not at least make their sketch somewhat professional? Seems like a 5-year-old drew it. Ever since the BJP/RSS extremists came to power, it seems like they and their right wingers are laying claim to everything that exists not only in India but everywhere else too. With most of their policies anti the common man, the average Indian will suffer even more.

3: R Singh (Canada), April 02, 2015, 3:54 PM.

It would just be easier if the world keeled over and handed the keys to the planet to these clowns! Their delusions know no bounds. Here are the so very supposedly 'peaceful' folks living in a fantasy world of the vedas and a large number of mute spectators who have been quiet looking the other way, through the murder and mayhem unleashed against minorities, leading the world towards disaster. Even a blind person can see the stupidity of their claim.

4: Harsaran Singh (Indonesia), April 03, 2015, 11:32 PM.

Going by the history of India -- as seen by the BJP/RSS -- it was in India that plastic surgery was invented. Several thousand years ago! That they think that every living soul in India belongs to hinduism, and they have claim to every place of worship, regardless of religion, is not at all surprising. Insanity has no bounds.

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The Taj Mahal Is a Hindu Temple"

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