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Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Spring 2013 Collection





We have never wished we could work a turban so hard in our lives.

Jean Paul Gaultier always was obsessed with nautical themes, so it’s no surprise to see them again in this collection, albeit with some serious twists.

This to us, is fashion design in its pure form.

It’s intricate, it’s witty, it’s impeccably tailored and it tells a story.

It makes you think; literally.

We’ve always been huge fans of his work and we think that with age and experience he’s really letting go of any restraints or conventions when it comes to his designs and collections.

LOVE every single look, from the shorts with the detachable skirts to the Indian-inspired tuxedos, to the “cage” blazer and vest. LOVE IT ALL for being so unconventional and yet so beautiful that we can’t stop looking at it all.

Don’t ask ,”Who would wear this?” Who cares who would wear it? The point is, it’s beautiful. Do you go into an art gallery and ask “Who would hang this over their sofa?” No, you don’t.

At least we hope you don’t.


[Courtesy: Tom + Lorenzo]

April 4, 2013


Conversation about this article

1: Kawalnain Kaur  (New York City, USA), April 06, 2013, 1:02 AM.

I hope I am not the only one who feels a little uncomfortable or even offended when a dastar is used in fashion; out of context and relation to Sikhi. I feel as if it detaches us, Sikhs, from the rest especially if the rest do not know who Sikhs are. The way Gaultier uses the dastar is reminiscent of oriental paintings of the French during Victorian times, who depicted Asians as objects, to be fascinated and amused by. If we replace the dastar with a hijab or even a kippah, it would bring about a completely different reaction. Or am I just being oversensitive?

2: Baljit Kaur (Plymouth, United Kingdom), April 06, 2013, 3:25 AM.

Definitely oversensitive.

3: Jasvir Kaur (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), April 06, 2013, 11:50 PM.

A few years ago I came across someone wearing a turban with a cigarette in his hand. He was always with his office mates going home like myself, clean shaven goatee maybe. It was the first time I'd seen something like this. A few weeks ago one of my coworkers that I share an office with told me his friend wears a turban but that he doesn't believe in all of it. Meaning they go to bars, trimmed beard, etc. In both incidents the guys are young professionals. On a happier note, I've also seen young professionals who actually respect the turban on their head. Until our community figures out what the turban stands for and stops giving out mixed signals, how can we expect the rest of society to respect it? It starts at home.

4: Aryeh Leib (Israel), April 09, 2013, 12:53 PM.

I wouldn't worry too much. Gaultier also had a line of pseudo-Hasidic fashion a number of years ago. I predicted then that it would last no longer than it took for one of its exponents to be attacked as a Jew! Mercifully, it was very short-lived, as I expect this will be, too.

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