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Khushwant Singh



Chandigarh-based Khushwant writes for the "Hindustan Times", and is the author of several books including "Sikhs Unlimited" and "Turbaned Tornado". 

The Valiant Ones:
A New Book on The Nihangs A Book Review by KHUSHWANT SINGH [Chandigarh]

The book gives accounts of the origin of the antiquated dress-code of the Nihangs, one of them being being attributed to a son of the Tenth Master - Baba Fateh Singh.

The Namesake by KHUSHWANT SINGH [Chandigarh]

My grandfather, Sardar Harbans Singh, a friend of Khushwant Singh’s brother-in-law, had named me lovingly after the man whose writings he greatly admired.

NihangSpeak by KHUSHWANT SINGH [Chandigarh]

With Holla Mohalla approaching, the author takes some language lessons from the Nihangs ... and confuses people with his newly acquired lingo.

Eternal Jugni by KHUSHWANT SINGH [Chandigarh]

Today, Jugni is as popular in Punjab as ever - she still comes up in modern renditions of old folk songs and in pop music. But who is Jugni?

Punjab's Destiny is in Their Hands:
Bittu, Biba, Tikku, Nitu ...
[Sigh!] by KHUSHWANT SINGH [Chandigarh]

What's in a nickname? Plenty, if you ask a Punjab politician.

1984 & I:
We in India Remain Divorced from Reality by KHUSHWANT SINGH (Punjab)

One of the significant outcomes of 9/11 has been the growth of some excellent Sikh advocacy organizations.

Anandpur Sahib's Record Blood Donor Camp by KHUSHWANT SINGH

The camp is expected to clock more than 25000 donors in a single day, thus setting a world record.

Dr Harvinder Singh Sahota: Mender of Hearts by KHUSHWANT SINGH

The loose baggy fit, a mismatched, open collar shirt and tie gives an impression of an absent-minded doctor.

The Man Who Changed India by KHUSHWANT SINGH

"If India does not take stock of the situation", warns Gurujot Singh, "there could be tough times ahead".

Miss Singh in Action by KHUSHWANT SINGH

Back from a stint in Afghanistan, U.S. soldier Ranbir Kaur is now preparing for duty in Iraq.

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