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Having served as an Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer in India before emigrating to Switzerland in 1984, Jogishwar is a Managing Director in the world renowned Edmond de Rothschild Group, Geneva. Author of "Banks, Gods and Government" and "Musings of a Swiss Sikh: Essays on Sikh History".

Make in India?

If this is “Make in India” quality standard, anybody thinking of actually doing so needs to give it serious thought.

Sikh Transit Gloria Mundi Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

An ode to well-muscled human bodies, a refreshing change from the modern notions of human beauty …

If It Looks Like A Duck And Quacks Like a Duck …
Article 25 Of The Constitution of India:
Why Blame Others? Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

Why are we so bothered by this abominable provision?

The Langar at Sri Darbar Sahib Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

I have evolved a system of getting over each bout of occasional pessimism about the state and future of our community.

A Visit to The Virasat-e-Khalsa Dr JOGISHWAR SINGH

It was such a relief to see a building dedicated to Sikh heritage not looking like a marble mausoleum plastered with gold plates.

Who is Responsible?
Should We Have Icons of Our Gurus?
The Roundtable Open Forum # 132 JOGISHWAR SINGH

He assured me that they had no idea whose portrait it was (I believe him on that).

The Da Vinci (Dress) Code JOGISHWAR SINGH

"Three young Italian soldiers wearing blue berets stopped me and said that I would have to remove my turban ..."

A New Mantra for Sikh Youth Today:

We need a strong presence of Sikh men & women in the financial world to enable our media projects.

Our Heritage

We should enable the kaar-seva babas to travel to Europe and see the superb restoration work done there on gothic cathedrals.

First Among Equals:
True Democracy in Action JOGISHWAR SINGH

He finished reading his newspaper, drank his coffee and called for his bill ...

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