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Traveling with Sant Naranjan Singh of Patiala during the late sixties, Yuktanand took notes. Since, he is unable to lose that passion for gurbani. He practices medicine in a suburb of Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

Metaphor and Reality, Part III:
Letter & Spirit #57 YUKTANAND SINGH

Gratitude, compassion, empathy and forgiveness detoxify our body …

Metaphor and Reality, Part II:
Letter & Spirit #56 YUKTANAND SINGH

“Of what use is sitting silently with your eyes shut like a crane (when, just like the crane, your inner intent and attachment lies somewhere else)?”

Metaphor and Reality:
Letter & Spirit #55 YUKTANAND SINGH

Each shabad nurtures us with food on our spiritual journey, just as a mother feeds her baby.

Surge of Emotion:
Valvalla A poem by Bhai Vir Singh, translated from Punjabi by Dr YUKTANAND SINGH:

Those summits, where / Wings of reason were / Turned to ashes

Come, O Sisters,
Let Us Sing Songs Of Our Beloved:
Letter & Spirit #54 YUKTANAND SINGH

People ask, can kirtan (or naam simran) achieve world peace? Can it feed the hungry?

Come, O Sisters,
Let Us Sing Songs Of Our Beloved:
Letter & Spirit # 53 YUKTANAND SINGH

Guru Nanak stresses that we must not only contemplate, but sing Waheguru’s praises.

Letter & Spirit # 52 YUKTANAND SINGH

'Behold the flowers flowering, and the blossoms blossoming! / Renounce and abandon the “I” ...'

In The Present:
Letter & Spirit # 51 YUKTANAND SINGH

Everyone’s reality is not the same. How can we know that our reality is true?

The Pedagogue:
Letter & Spirit # 50 YUKTANAND SINGH

We have failed to understand the meaning of the words ‘gurmukh’, ‘brahmgyani’, ‘sikh’, and we use these words lightly.

The Unstruck Melody:
The Way Of The Sikh -
Letter & Spirit # 49 YUKTANAND SINGH

When the five vices are brought under control, one then attains the state where the unstruck melody can be heard.

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