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With 30 years at the side of her mother-in-law, Jagdish Kaur, and 20 learning from her pupils at the Gurdwara Bridgewater, she is the author of Menus and Memories from Punjab.

Nurturing The Nursery Of Sikhi VERONICA SIDHU

The eventual blessings to both students and teachers are way beyond worldly time or personal sacrifice of parents, students and teachers.

Brunch With Bebe Ji by VERONICA "RANI" SIDHU

The fun of making griddlecakes is that older children can join in making them. But don’t wait for guests to make them - the griddlecakes double as a quick, simple supper.

Methi: A Wondrous Herb & Spice by VERONICA "RANI" SIDHU

Called fenugreek in English and so often used in Punjabi cooking, it is a well-recognized natural remedy to decrease insulin resistance.

A Happy Family:
Living Sikhi, Lesson # 31 by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak found that when people actually practiced the Three Golden Rules, they lived well and were happy and content.

Conquer Your Mind, Conquer The World
Living Sikhi, Lesson # 30 by VERONICA SIDHU

Accepting God's Will and feeling gratitude to God for our lives brings contentment. It is a wonderful feeling that we need nothing more than God's Grace.

A Jealous Fakir
Living Sikhi, Lesson # 29 by VERONICA SIDHU

The opposite of jealousy is "contentment" which is "santokh" in Punjabi. Being satisfied with what we have is what contentment means.

God is Everywhere
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Seven by VERONICA SIDHU

In Mecca, and in Jaganath Puri where he sang his aarti,  Guru Nanak taught us this message.

The Travels of Guru Nanak
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Six by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak traveled far and wide, even to other continents, to spread the message of equality.

Kauda the Cannibal
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Five by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak's heart was moved to feel sorrow and sympathy for such unfortunate souls. 

At Hardwar
Living Sikhi - Lesson Twenty Three by VERONICA SIDHU

Guru Nanak taught us, through his unique way of guiding us, to understand the power of peer pressure and how it is different from the power of the Sadh Sangat.

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