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Rubin is an IT Product Manager based in Washington, D.C. He is a writer, poet, human rights activist and proud father of two daughters, Tavroop & Saroop.

To Each His Own:
A Response to "Where Are We Heading" by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

I was ready to pack my bags and leave! But somewhere over the next couple days I began to engage with some of the folks.

Inni Kaur's Journey With The Gurus A Book Review by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

I found the tone of the dialogue refreshing and quite different from what I've read before or would have expected ...


If we want to see our reflection in the lake, the water must be still. May we be graced with stillness in our lives, so that we can see who we are.

Where I Belong by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

There is so much to learn ... there are so many questions. But one thing I do know for sure ... This is where I belong.

Desperately Seeking ... The One by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

It was the first time I had ever had a line of gurbani explained to me in a way I could understand.

When Grace is Refused by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

A Sikh's partaking of parshad displays a submission to the Guru. So, accepting parshad is essentially "accepting His Grace."

Remembering a Legend by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

The first shabad I heard Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi sing live was Mohan neendh na aaveh in Raag Bilaval.

The Magic of Saakhis by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

I would take every opportunity I could to listen to a saakhi about Sikh history ... my history. 

An Ode to the Taxi Warriors by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

The conversations are light-hearted, friendly ... and end in debate over the cab-fare - they invariably insist I don't pay!

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by RUBIN PAUL SINGH

On a hot summer day, one book caught my eye: a series of essays - easy to read, easy to understand and, most of all, captivating!

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