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Meeta is a creative writer living in northern California with her three loves: Banjot, Benanti and her laptop.


My coast-to-coast blind date began with a charming message in 11-point Geneva font that popped up on my computer screen.

Dreams of Hope: A Bedtime Lullaby A Book Review by MEETA KAUR

There have been a few select books that help the children wind down from their long days of school and play and ease into a peaceful night of deep rest. This one of them.

We Have Faith:
Life in a Troubled America by MEETA KAUR

Kitchen conversations amongst my mother and her sisters, my maasis, occasionally drifted to how handsome some young Sikh men were, with admiration for how neatly they tied their puggris.

An Unexpected Surprise At The Sikh Coalition's "Presenters Course" by MEETA KAUR

Transparency with our most vulnerable moments can lead us to the courage we need to take charge of not only our
individual destinies but also collectively participate in our community’s destiny.

The Royal Falcon A Book Review by MEETA KAUR

The illustrations are warm and inviting, distinct, and representative of our family lives here in the diaspora.

To Serve & Protect:
Sikh-Americans in US Army by MEETA KAUR

In the two World Wars, 83,005 turban-wearing Sikh soldiers were killed and 109,045 were wounded - fighting for the Allies!

Siddh Gosht: Class Notes by MEETA KAUR

In their dialogues with Guru Nanak, the Siddhs employed all the techniques and strategies of traditional debates as we know them today. 

A Love Letter From the Womb by MEETA KAUR

Please know the day I arrive, within that hour, that exact moment I come to you, I will be shivering, squinting, naked and wet.

Life Warrior by MEETA KAUR

It had everything I could possibly think of to improve my life, organize it, streamline it, and control it.

Crayons. Kooks. Siblings. Sikhs. A Film Review by MEETA KAUR

The film's main characters are three American brothers on a spiritual quest through India.

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