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I.J. Singh is a New York based writer and speaker on Sikhism in the Diaspora, and a Professor of Anatomy.

Hum Hindu Naheen Hain!
We Are Not Hindus! I.J. SINGH

Circling the wagons - as a clarion call - will not do. We need to be both clearheaded and resolute.

Throw the Book at National Textbook Publishers:
YOUR Help is Urgently Needed THE SIKH COALITION

"In my world history class, I read that Sikhs are terrorists."

The Ultimate Irony:
A Film Titled 'Our Basic Right' is Banned in India I. J. SINGH

Banning a movie and closing all conversation on it is like burning a book.

At a Crossroads:

The issues surrounding gurdwara granthis - their recruitment, selection, and appointment, as well as on-the-job working conditions - are rife with matters of both management and human concern.

Balwant Singh Rajoana:
What Should India Do Now? by I.J. SINGH

There is no guarantee that the people will not once again come out into the streets. Having tasted power once, they will likely exercise it again.

Courage of Conviction:
In The Matter of Balwant Singh by I.J. SINGH

Freedom Fighter Balwant Singh was to be hanged on Saturday, March 31, 2012. But the jail authorities in Punjab refused to follow the Court's orders. Why?

The World of Words by I.J. SINGH

I have run into many devout Sikhs who, like many Christians, look at their respective spiritual writings as literally etched in stone.

Of Talent, Arrogance & Modesty by I.J. SINGH

We all have some abilities, however limited; talents that are useful and cannot be denied; ways to leave the world a better place than we came into.

Walking Away From Power by I.J. SINGH

Power is addictive, even more than the best intoxicants that mankind has ever discovered or invented. We all seem to understand that; yet we can’t ever leave it alone.

Holding Them Accountable:
Speaking Truth To Power by I.J. SINGH

For Sikhi, speaking truth to power started with Guru Nanak when he addressed the conqueror, Babar, the founder of the Mughal dynasty who had ravaged the land he had invaded.

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