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Two Historic Firsts:
Britain Elects First Female and First Turbaned Sikh-Britons To Parliament JEN MILLS, et al

Preet Kaur Gill and Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi.

From Taxi Driver To Skin Cancer Specialist:

Unhappy with the working conditions in India, he quit his government sector job and moved to South Australia.

To Serve & Protect BRIAN MURPHY

Sikhs have the same core principles and values that informed and guided those who built America.

A Sikh Farmer In Punjab, And Two Sikhs From The Diaspora Come To The Rescue Of Farmers Being Unfairly Exploited In India MANABI KATOCH

“If you had a great meal today, thank a farmer.”

“If You’re Being Silent, You’re Not Doing Anything At All.” SIMON CRAMER

Angad Singh is an American. Period.

Squadron Leader Vickram Singh Grewal To Spearhead Australian Air Force’s Path To Diversity MANPREET KAUR SINGH

"Uniform, discipline and service to the nation are values that have always been dear to me.”

Juggernaut Enters Canada’s Federal Political Arena? MARTIN REGG COHN

"His rivals dare not underestimate Jagmeet Singh."

Sikh-Briton Jaspreet Kaur And The Spoken Word ELLEN SCOTT

She’s tough. She’s no holds barred. Her way of tackling the tough stuff? Spoken word poetry.

Jagmeet Singh Launches Historic Bid To Lead Major Canadian Federal Political Party ALLISON JONES

“He speaks to a new Canada …"

Jagmeet Singh Brings Style …
He Knows The Power Of Style In Politics.
So Do Canadian Voters TIM HARPER, National Affairs Columnist

The trilingual Sikh-Canadian will inject some colour into a decidedly vanilla race.

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