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Hell On Earth:
See Mr Netanyahu Loll On The Beach T. SHER SINGH

In a single frame, it symbolizes all that has gone wrong in Israel.

Self-Hating Bigot Paints Himself ‘White‘ -
Bobby Piyush Jindal Plays The ‘Us’ & ‘Them” Racial Card T. SHER SINGH

How much self-hate, how low a self-esteem, does one need to get to this low-point?

Grandma Wolf To Investigate The Red Riding Hood Riot:
30 Years Later, India Appoints 21st Inquiry Into 1984 Pogroms T. SHER SINGH

Two police officers and an RSS Judge to run the show.

Like Moths, India’s Congress Commits Self-Immolation:
And Here’s How T. SHER SINGH

Ajay Maken is no ordinary Congress Party politician. He is the protégé and nephew of Lalit Maken.

You Like Potato,
I Like Potaahto T. SHER SINGH

“I started laughing and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’” the 33-year-old singer said.

What Makes A Good Politician?
What Makes Naheed Nenshi The Best Mayor In The World?
Roundtable Open Forum # 142 T. SHER SINGH

What makes Nenshi tick? How can we clone him?

The Merry Host T. SHER SINGH

Young boys with virgin chins and toy-like guns, pretending to know why they were there. Ready to kill and be killed.

The Day They Stopped Killing Each Other T. SHER SINGH

Nobody knows how to deal with youth left behind, the flotsam and jetsam of a long and vicious war.

Europe's Newfound Enlightenment T. SHER SINGH

I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the passion emanating from Europe in recent weeks over our rights and freedoms ...

Progress, I Think They Call It T. SHER SINGH

Not long after I was introduced to the world of automobile technology, it underwent a revolution of sorts.

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