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The Voyage of Penguins JASPREET SINGH

The residents of the city, the Shore Penguins said that the Berg Penguins were not penguins at all.

The Gift of Art:
From Father to Daughter AMARDEEP SINGH

Datti Kaur, our younger daughter, a 9th grade student is passionate about art.

Gursikh A Poem by RASLEEN KAUR

Look at the saint soldier / Look at the face / The chardi kala / Turns dumps into a beautiful place.

Sikhi: My Religion, My Style, My Way of Life RUHI KAUR

Being the only Sikh in sight can be an interesting experience sometimes ...

Toronto's Sikh-Canadian Wiz Kids To Run Marathon on Sunday, May 19 AJIT JAIN

To date, these young Sikh-Canadians have raised over $800,000 for helping children with needs.

The Sparrow, The Lamb, and The Crow T. SHER SINGH

The crow was crafty, the sparrow was sweet ...

An Army of 10-yr-olds Collects Funds to Send 35 to College:
The Young Khalsa Girls of Washington, DC GEORGE NEWCOMB

"We always hear that we can make a change, but we never thought it would be so easy ..."

Nurturing The Nursery Of Sikhi VERONICA SIDHU

The eventual blessings to both students and teachers are way beyond worldly time or personal sacrifice of parents, students and teachers.

Scenes From Canada's Largest Turban-Tying Competition GLOBE AND MAIL

Photographer John Lehmann documented the young Sikhs as they wrestled with metres of material to produce the perfect turban.


"Here is a sewing needle," said the Guru. "Keep it with you - use it if you like. I would like you to give my needle back to me in the next world when we meet after death."

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