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Old Soldiers Look Back:
Warriors After War A Book Review by REGINALD MASSEY

Nehru disliked men in uniform and believed that there was no difference between Indian and Pakistani generals ... He memorably wrote to Bertrand Russell lamenting the rise of a military mentality in India.

Happy 542nd Birthday! by TAREK FATAH

The tragedy that befell the Sikhs at Partition was ominous. As a result of the creation of the Islamic State of Pakistan, the Sikhs lost absolute access to their sacred sites, their Mecca, their Jerusalem.

Researcher Seeks Your Help on 1947/1984 Project by SHRUTI DEVGAN

I am seeking help for my doctoral dissertation which is tentatively entitled: "Through the Crevices of Memory: Commemoration Practices Among the Sikh Diaspora in the United States."

The Amritsar of Yore - Guru ki Nagri by ZAFAR ULLAH POSHNI

During the long summer days, the sun would heat up the rooms so much in these homes that the extended families living in them had to sleep on the open roof tops.

The Partition of Punjab:
A Pakistani Perspective Book Review by PRAN NEVILE

A figure of 9 to 10 million is considered to be fairly accurate for the two-way forced migration in the Punjab. With a million killed on both sides.

The Red Line That Divides Punjab by DEAN PRAETORIOUS

Taken from the International Space Station, the photograph shows the artificial line that today divides what was once the great Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

The Gurdwaras & Sikh School of Haripur
Tales of Haripur - Part VI by Dr. Bhai HARBANS LAL

There were five gurdwaras in Haripur town. As well, every village and small town in the vicinity and surrounding areas also had a neighborhood gurdwara.

Movers & Shakers of Haripur
Tales of Haripur, Part V Dr. Bhai HARBANS LAL

Among the Sikhs, most of the population was sehajdhari. They practiced Sikhism but as yet did not observe one or more of the five Kakkaars.

Bridging The Great Divide: Guru Nanak's Kartarpur by EDDIE WALSH

‘This is too important of an issue for us to accept inaction ... The peace corridor needs to move forward,’ pleads head of the  Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy.

The Sikhs of Potohar
Tales of Haripur, Part IV by Dr. Bhai HARBANS LAL

The deep commitment of the Sikh inhabitants of Haripur Hazara to the Sikh way of life was known far and wide; the reputation dated back to the time of Ranjit Singh.

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