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It was difficult to make up one’s mind. In situations like these the toss of a coin frequently helps.

The Perished and The Saved A Short Story by JASPREET SINGH

“I have already done what the men asked me to do. Now go home,” she repeats. “We are safe.”

Inspector Singh Investigates:
A Calamitous Chinese Killing CRIME FICTION LOVER

In Inspector Singh, Shamini Flint has created a one-off character whose methods may be unorthodox, but certainly produce results.

President Pranab Mukherjee's Message to the Nation (India) on Dussehra GIRISH K.N. YADAV

The religious festival of Dussehra is being celebrated by the Hindus of Northern India this week.

Marriage Material:
A New Novel by Sathnam Singh Sanghera LUCY SCHOLES

He examines the nationwide story of British immigration through the prism of the Sikh-Briton experience.

Sehaj Villa
Part V A Short Story by T. SHER SINGH

“Forgive you? Not unless I know for what,” she said, laughing.

Love Chakri
Part IV -
A Prem Kahani A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

The boys bounced from the middle of the stairs onto the sofa ...

Love Chakri
Part III -
A Prem Kahani A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

"What brings you to my project on Sunday afternoon?” she asked.

Love Chakri
Part II -
A Prem Kahani A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

She held up her index finger at him to wait, without looking at him. 

Love Chakri
Part I -
A Prem Kahani A Short Story by ROSALIA SCALIA

Something about her that he couldn’t name unsettled him, got under his skin.

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