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Our Grand Truncated History by CHANDER SUTA DOGRA

Many of the shrines named after trees still exist. Many of the trees, sadly, don’t. They have been strangled to death by the new marble floors and facades of the gurdwaras.

Qila Mubarak: A Tale of Neglect & Abuse by JAIDEEP SARIN

Today, housing 10 govt departments, the fort is a testimony to shocking neglect. It is in danger because of the government's apathy. We are going to lose it soon.

Le Corbusier's Masterpiece, Chandigarh, The Capital of Punjab: Up For Grabs by JASON BURKE

Group rallies to rescue the Punjabi city built as a monument to modernity, from neglect and plunder by local officials.

Nishan-e-Sikhi: A New Institution Takes Shape by PERNEET SINGH

The tower, with 80,000 square feet floor area, will have an auditorium, administrative block, conference hall, religious academy, coaching classes ...

The Crumbling Darbar Hall of Patiala HINDUSTAN TIMES

Once resplendent with burnished arms and armours, shimmering chandeliers and life-sized portraits of maharajas, it is now but a poor reflection of its glorious days.

New Entrance Designed For The Darbar Sahib Complex by PERNEET SINGH

The Harmandar Sahib attracts over 100,000 visitors on week days alone and is the premier destination for both Sikhs and non-Sikhs from around the world.

Restoring Ranjit Singh's Architectural Legacy by NONIKA SINGH

Gurmeet Kaur Rai, conservation architect: "One must understand that while plants can be grown back, heritage buildings are non-renewable resources."

Researchers Discover Long-Lost Majithia Fort by PERNEET SINGH

It possibly dates back to the 18th century ... the original fort of the famous Majithia clan in the nearby township of Majitha.

The Gurdwara at Gravesend by STEPHEN KENNETT

As a place of worship for the UK's third-largest Sikh population, the project has been on site for the best part of eight years.

A City Cannibilizes Itself:

The heritage of Sikh Punjab's capital - a city inexplicably shared by a neighbouring Hindu state, Haryana - is steadily being plundered.

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