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Ten Essential Books To Help You Explore The Sikh Faith:
The Roundtable Open Forum #155 THE HUFFINGTON POST

Find a comfortable nook, settle in and let these books be your guide.

Sunjeev Sahota’s New Novel
The Year Of The Runaways:
Is On Man Booker Prize Shortlist KAMILA SHAMSIE

A brilliant political novel about migrant workers in Sheffield, UK.

Inni Kaur‘s New Children‘s Book:
"Thank You, Vahiguru” -
A Review by Mother & Daughter Book Review by BANNO KAUR BAJAJ & GITIKA KAUR BAJAJ

The book’s bilingual format, English and Punjabi/Gurmukhi, makes the story richer.

Reviving Preetlari and Preet Nagar SARIKA SHARMA

"The idea is to invite visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and writers, etc. to come and spend time on their own projects ..."

Looking Away:
India's Violent Indifference BOOK REVIEW & INTERVIEW

The current government is again saying that it’s okay if children work, but would we, the middle class, send our children to work?

Sikh-German Poet-Laureate
Brings Together Punjabi And His ‘Stepmother Tongue’, German:
Rajvinder Singh IANS

He’s been declared poet-laureate in three of the 12 German states.

The Social Space of Language:
Vernacular Culture in British Colonial Punjab
Farina Mir Book Review by PERMANENT BLACK

The durability of a vernacular literary tradition ...

Lost and Found:

 He shocks one to the core with his naked and chilling rendition ...

When Your Punctuation

I went out with a guy based on his use of dashes once. Within moments of our first interaction — over text message — I was basically in love.

A New Comic-Book
Sikh Super Hero --
Who Loves Elvis CBS NEWS

There’s a new superhero in town and he doesn’t sport a cape, mask or wear embarrassing tights.

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