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Would You Tolerate A Film Glorifying Hitler?




After the amazing success of Slumdog Millionaire, Bollywood seems to have found a new romance in Hollywood.

UCLA and Yale graduate of Indian origin, Hollywood and Broadway acclaimed filmmaker Krishna Shah has recently announced an enormous epic that would be made in collaboration with the two largest film industries of the world: a sixty five million dollar film that Shah claims will be the realization of his life-long dream ... one that he has been working on for the last two decades. On the line and scale of Lord Attenborough's Gandhi, he claims.

It will be called "Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story"

Knowing the mindset, I can guarantee you that Sikhs will once again be shown as terrorists and traitors, not as the patriots and defenders of freedom and justice that they are. Invariably, the film will end with the "martyrdom" scene at the hands of her two Sikh bodyguards ... the world will leave the theatres with a lasting impression of Sikhs as such.

Like the intense and relentless media propaganda generated by the Indian government since the 80's, the world will once again be pelted with images that will  put us all, collectively, in a bad light. A lot of Sikhs who have grown up beyond the reach of the mischievous propaganda to date will suddenly be ashamed of themselves ... and so will those who have barely recovered from the decades old trauma and stigma.

It does not help that this will be an international biopic directed by one of her biggest worshippers and fans. Shah has also announced the creation of an NGO -  "Celebrating Indira Gandhi" ("CIG") aimed to  propagate the ideals of Indira Gandhi  through publication of books, seminars, competitions and cultural and educational programs.

I ask you two  questions today.

1   Dare any director today make a film glorifying Hitler ?

2   The movie is going to glorify her - as "Maa Durga"  (a Hindu goddess) - in the filmmaker's own  words and consequentially the Sikhs as - you guessed it ---the demons. If even the  filmmaker was going to show some respect to the Sikhs, the question is: "Where is the writer going to get his statistics and facts about the 1984 and preceding events for the whole world to see ?"

The answer is - from the same Indian Government reports that claim less than 700 fatalities in the army operation that, according to eye witness accounts, took thousands of innocent lives. [See Lost in History, 1984 Reconstructed, by Gunisha Kaur]

From the same reports that do not explain why 72 (official figure - 37)  other Gurdwaras were attacked in those black days of June and several thousand additional innocents killed.

The same reports that claim the loss of a few hundred lives in the Delhi "riots", whereas we all know the figure exceeded several thousands. And that thousands more were killed in each major town and city in northern India under carefully planned government-sponsored pogroms (they were not riots!).

The same government reports that declared all amritdhari Sikhs as terrorist and justified the execution of all Sikh males between  the ages of 15- 35 from thousands of villages in Punjab under the guise of  ‘encounters.'

Fillmamker Shah is already referring to Indira Gandhi as a martyr who gave her life in the interest of "National Unity".

My next question to you today is:  "What? What are we going to do about it?"

Ever since I heard about this news report,  I have been trying to talk to Sikh leaders about it in order to find out if we are doing something over the issue and, shockingly, they are all either ignorant or complacent over it.

"We will see when the movie is released". " Yes, SGPC needs to do something about it", "Yes, Sikhs should write to the director"... are the responses I get.

I fear that the knee-jerk response by many will be to fume, demonstrate, boycott, burn the theatres and stage protests later on, after the release of the film - rather than to educate, negotiate, be proactive about things when there is time ?

How can we rely on an organization such as the S.G.P.C. which has no muscle left (it miserably fails even at the local issues in Punjab), no soul left ( it has sold it out to the politicians); and no intellectual substance or integrity whatsoever?

Close to a 100 million dollars are already slated for this movie. Names such as Tom Hanks and  Tommy Lee Jones  are already being tapped in for the roles of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

I say we need to wake up now, organize over this issue and start a lobby to portray Sikhs in the right light.

Here is where I put a challenge to all the Sikh organizations who are active in the education/ documentation of the 1984 Sikh Genocide, including

Sikhs for Justice


Voices for Freedom

One of them needs to  starts talking to the filmmaker  and ensuring an accurate representation.  All the way from research, script, production and post-production, to see that Sikhs pre and post 1984 are fairly represented. Even if you leave 1984 alone, Sikhs have played important roles throughout the life of Indira Gandhi such as the leading and carrying much of the Indian Freedom struggle, the Indo-Pak wars, the Indo-Chinese war, and the creation of Bangladesh, Akali opposition of the 1975 Emergency ... and more.

Perhaps it is the right time for the birthing of an organization whose sole intention is to ensure accurate representation of Sikhs on the big screen and TV media - in India and across the diaspora.

If we get our act together quickly, we may win the battle before it starts destroying our image around the world one more time, this time in a bigger way. Every day we sit and do nothing about this issue is a step towards defeat.

Here is a bigger challenge: What will you do to educate yourself, your families and friends about 1984 and modern Sikh history. It is plain wrong to expect Hollywood or Bollywood to shed light on our issues fairly, if we ourselves choose to live in the dark.

But a caveat: One thing we do not want to do is fall into the obvious trap. Remember, a very mediocre filmmaker - Deepa Mehta - has made a career out of movies which intentionally goad certain constituencies into strong, knee-jerk responses which include violent protests, sabotage of sets, death threats, etc. It has worked for almost all of her productions: they give her less than mediocre films an air of legitmacy, oodles of free world-wide publicity ... and a personal air of martyrdom!The result? Her critics have turned her into an international cause celebre!

Let's think this one out carefully and treat it as a problem we need to solve in our collective boardroom.

With munn neevan, mutt ucchi - "Wisdom grounded in humility!"


For more information on the proposed film:


January 21, 2010

Conversation about this article

1: Sandeep Singh Brar (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), January 21, 2010, 12:46 PM.

We need to think outside of the box on this one. Can we go head to head with a film with a $65 to $100 million dollar state sponsored budget? No. Can we influence the director? Given the title it's clear what their agenda is ... not a chance! This movie is scheduled to start filming next year, so we probably have a one-year window to act. My recommendations would be a multi-pronged strategy. 1) Get Sikhs into the collective psyche of the general public - mainstream media - advertising, TV shows, commercials, movies. Kennith Cole Ad featuring Sonny Caberwal on NY billboards, Waris Ahluwalia as a minor supporting character in Bill Murray's comedy movie 'The Life Aquatic', the portrayal of a heroic and likeable Sikh soldier in WWII Italy by Naveen Andrews in the Academy Award winner, 'The English Patient'. These positive portrayals of Sikhs integrated into the mainstream while preserving their religious identity have been huge wins. We have enough corporate Sikhs out there with connections to folks in advertising and entertainment that could make this happen. 2) Who says you have to have $100 million to create a movie that connects with the general public. Take notice of the recent blockbuster hit movie, 'Paranormal Activity'. Created on a $15,000 budget in 2007 and shown at film festival. Then shown at 7 movie theaters. Then gets nationwide syndication in 2009, shown at every major movie theater in North America and ends up grossing over $100 million dollars! Sure, maybe only 1 in 10,000 movies has that kind of potential, but it's a perfect model for what can be done or is possible if we want to win the propaganda war and tell our stories rather than have others tell them and distort or marginalize us. We can either be strategic or reactive on this film issue. Reactive has not worked out too well for us in the past, has it.

2: Gurpreet Singh (Chandigarh, Punjab), January 21, 2010, 12:53 PM.

They have money to make such stupid movies. Why can't we have movies on our religious issues. Funds? What about the billions that we give the SGPC? Bloodshed and bravery, this is what people like to see today ... our history is full of it. A single flick that can portray what being a Sikh means, what happened in past 500 years, is yet to be made. I personally feel people are going to watch it and understand more easily. People will buy that stuff too. Our faith needs to involve the Punjabi movie makers. The question is: who is going to take initiative ... Well, if this Krishna Shah or whoever is going to make a movie that can portray a dolt as a goddess, it's on their agenda and clearly their ... surely, there can be a movie made on what actually happened in the Black Days of Punjab. So many brilliant artists and movie makers belong to Punjab. I am so disappointed as no one has the guts to show what really happened in those days ...

3: Amardeep (U.S.A.), January 21, 2010, 1:05 PM.

How can Indians allow politicans to throw away money on 'self cleaning image ventures' when India has the highest infant mortality rate and highest malnutrition? They need to wake up too. The current breed of activists like Chetan Bhagat etc. need to take up these kind of issues. Recently, someone posted that BBC telecasted movie about 1984. I do not know the content of it but if it was any good, that documentary may be bought, made lengthier, and run on many channels, etc. On, Michael Singh (1984 contributor) showed interest in making a 1984 documentary. He can be funded. Other Sikhs with cinema background should also come up with different projects to shed the true light. Some suggestions ... we need to address many more.

4: Manmohan Singh (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), January 21, 2010, 2:13 PM.

I have been trying over the last year to create some activism in Sikh professionals within BC, Canada, to move on the media issue. It's reared its ugly head when there was a rumour that a similar movie was going to be made with Amitabh Bachchan, and Sanjay Dutt (how ironic) who would be playing KPS Gill! The only thing I got in return was general apathy and lack of any 'fire' about these issues. Most were too busy being successful in their lives to be too concerned about anyone else. Others were too busy deluding themselves and trying to save 'Gaza' rather than help other Sikhs since this was their interpretation of Sikhi ... let's walk away from our own people but focus on others. What a lame joke the Sikhs in BC are! Having moved around the globe a fair bit, I have never come across a more deluded and gutless lot than the professional Sikhs in BC. I swear it is something in the water which creates a deviation in nature, because these people are certainly not representative of the diaspora. Any form of productive activism seems to come from UK, U.S.A., elsewhere in Canada ... and this is where we need to look. Ultimately, I walked away from B.C. Sikhs in disgust!

5: Surinder Kaur (Delhi, India), January 21, 2010, 5:37 PM.

One solution would be for a Sikh delegation of young urban professionals to approach the key actors in the movie (Tom Hanks, Tommy Lee Jones, Emma Watson) and enlighten them on the events around 1984. I am sure once they understand what really happened, they might refuse to star in the movie on moral grounds. Most of these actors are sufficiently wealthy not to be seduced by the money and have a history of supporting charitable and human rights causes. Currently, they probably believe what they have been told, i.e. that Mrs. Gandhi was innocent and a martyr for the nation.

6: Ibadat Gill (U.S.A.), January 21, 2010, 5:45 PM.

Nobody can destroy the spirit of the Khalsa Panth. My Sikh bretheren, take solace in the words of Hafiz: "Do not be surprised by life's twists and turns, for this wheel has spun a thousand times before."

7: Hardeep Singh (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), January 21, 2010, 7:29 PM.

Manmohan Singh ji: $1.5 million was just raised within a few days BC Sikhs for Haiti. Activism isn't for quitters.

8: Gurpreet Singh (San Jose, California, U.S.A.), January 21, 2010, 8:53 PM.

Never ... this film should not be made.

9: Amandeep Singh (Jammu, India), January 21, 2010, 11:12 PM.

Why can't we learn from the example of a similar minority - the Jews? If we want to flourish, we have to strenghten our rural roots first. I know one young 23 yr-old Sardar from our place whose whole family has suffered torture by Indian authorities during 1984-90's. He is now doing his Bachelor's in Journalism in Punjab. Last year, he made a short film on "The Refugees of J & K". That documentary won him first prize. Similarly, at this time, we need to put our sincere efforts collectively and hit the nail hard.

10: Raj (Canada), January 21, 2010, 11:43 PM.

Okay, if Krishna Shah wants to make a movie on Indira Gandhi, then he should do some decent research about her. Hmmm... Where should I start? May be with Direndra Brahmchari. It is fact that he was a young muscular person yoga trainer of hers. Not to mention, her love interest as well - as reported by M.K. Dhar in his book "Open Secrets". Mr. Dhar was head of her secret service. Her illicit relations with Nehrus' personal secretary, Mr. M.O. Mathai. How a chapter, "She", was excluded from his book under pressure from the goverment. It had lots of explicit material about their relationship. Her own son Sanjay Gandhi found those chapters and started blackmailing her to achieve political power. That's when he was 'mysteriously' killed in an aircraft 'accident'. Dhar confirms this too, when one of his senior tells him: "She got him!" It's a well known fact in Delhi, that she was looking for Sanjay's wrist watch when he died in a plane crash. You can imagine what kind of mother would be looking for wrist watch of her son, when his body is badly burnt in that crash. BTW, she married Feroze Khan in London, but when she returned to Delhi with him, her father changed his name to Feroze Gandhi to avoid an uproar from the Hindus. Feroze lived a very miserable and short married life. It was known in close circles that Sanjay was actually the son of Mohd. Yunis. I am not interested in the personal lives of other people, but I'd hate to see a very ordinary person raised to a level of some saint, like they have already done with M.K. Gandhi.

11: N. Singh (Canada), January 22, 2010, 1:13 AM.

Raising money for Haiti is easy ... taking on the issues of Sikhs and human rights is difficult! You are facing a formidable adversary. I concur with Sardar Manmohan Singh ... this has been my experience with B.C. Sikhs also ... gutless and useless!

12: Satinder Kaur (Australia), January 22, 2010, 1:30 AM.

Yes, activism isn't for quitters but as the saying goes, you can take the horse to water but you cannot make it drink! Everybody needs to take more responsibility for the well-being of the Panth and that includes Westcoasters of Canada who seem to shy away from this (I have friends in B.C. who would confirm this!) It is not enough to send money to Haiti or whatever other project the media highlights ... the Panth needs to be whole and well also. Get it together, B.C. Sikhs. Please do not let us down ... join the struggle!

13: Jaggie Singh Gill (U.S.A.), January 22, 2010, 3:55 AM.

Hardeep Singh ji: A commendable effort by the B.C. Sikhs for Haiti, but remember that the Indian Government has also given $5 million. However let's keep to the point of the article - what are we going to do about the forthcoming movie glorifying Indira Gandhi? I believe this is going to be a more challenging job than sending a check to Haiti! Whatever we decide to do, we must be careful that we do not inadvertently end up creating free publicity for the movie as mentioned by Gurmeet Kaur ji. Let's be calm-headed and intelligent in our approach!

14: Harinder (Bangalore, India), January 22, 2010, 9:50 AM.

I tell you that 1984 was a major turning point for the Indian nation. From a Hindu nation, it became a secular nation and Sikhs did it unknowingly. Today Muslims, Christians and all other minorities walk fearlessly in India, thanks to the sacrifices of the Sikhs. Don't be afraid of propaganda - Truth always prevails.

15: Meena (Delhi, India), January 22, 2010, 10:55 AM.

Harinder, it's a bizarre and unsubstantiated comment from you. Please revisit the killing of Christians in 2009 and the Mumbai shootings ... and explain how India is 'secular' and people walk fearlessly in India today!

16: Jaswinder Singh (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada), January 22, 2010, 1:28 PM.

I think that Sikhs are partly responsible for our own woes ... in the leaders we select and the decisions that we make. The Sikhs of B.C. have raised $1m in aid for people in Haiti. However, only the money raised through the Guru Nanak Gurdwara managed by the Sikh Youth Slate will be going to Haiti via the United Sikhs. The majority of the money will be sent via the Indian government! I pray that it gets to the people of Haiti ... since we all know quickly that Sikh people and Sikh money can 'disappear', once in the hands of the Indian government. Why do we not learn and keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Are we too lazy to do our due diligence? Where are the Sikh professionals who brag about being educated in Canada when it comes to these issues? Don't be surprised that the India government is winning the propaganda wars ... probably funded by Sikh money!

17: H.S. Vachoa (U.S.A.), January 22, 2010, 1:31 PM.

This movie exemplifies the brute face of Hindu propaganda and the bestial inhumanity of Hindu repression of the minorities.

18: Kanwaljit Singh (Southington,CT. U.S.A.), January 22, 2010, 1:43 PM.

We must take a pro-active approach. We must think of an independent body that can challenge the S.G.P.C. so that we can unite and take action on the issues that are near and dear to us as a community.

19: Sukhmandir Kaur (California, U.S.A.), January 22, 2010, 3:22 PM.

I know nothing about Indira Gandhi except that she ordered troops into the Golden Temple which resulted in a massacre of thousands of innocents and destruction of hisdtorical buildings and a library, and that she was later assassinated by two of her Sikh body-guards, and the resulting backlash which cost many more thousands of innocent Sikh lives. I doubt many Americans even know that much. Bhai Sandeep Singh pointed out how reactive retaliation just causes more problems and this is but one example. People in another forum have been discussing Sikhs in films. The one well-known one is 'The English Patient' and, though likable, he's hardly representative of Sikh values other than having a turban and beard. [Editor: A clarification - he is depicted as doing NOTHING in the film which is AGAINST Sikh values!] What is needed is one-on-one dialogue and flooding of the media with positive Sikh images. It's possible the Indira Gandhi propaganda film will backfire as it brings to light her heinous acts, but don't count on the director to be accurate or fair. I was an extra in a film this summer which was shot outside a gurdwara where the extras were asked to sit in chairs while a fake bearded-actor preached convincingly about kakaars. Movie-making is perhaps the only incidence I can think of where chairs would have been permitted outside the gurdwara. Certainly any real rally would have taken place with people sitting on the ground as usual. The whole film-making industry is so make-believe, especially Bollywood, it's hard to take seriously. Perhaps Indira will be doing bhangra! Sikhs need to interact more and more with folks outside of the community. There are still people in the U.S.A., (perhaps the vast majority) who have never heard of Sikhs and mistake them for Arabs or Muslims. Visit blogs which are written by someone other than a Sikh. Introduce yourself and say something nice. Make it impossible for people to think anything but the best of Sikhs.

20: Inni Kaur (Fairfield, CT, U.S.A.), January 22, 2010, 5:06 PM.

How does one glorify one who suspended democracy under the guise of declaring an 'Emergency Rule' in a constitutionally democratic India? And wasn't it under her rule that forced and mass vasectomies of ordinary, unwilling citizens took place? Her son - never elected! - ruled like a thug and corruption was rampant through her years! How does she become Maa-Durga? I fail to understand. Have I missed something?

21: KJ Singh (New York, U.S.A.), January 22, 2010, 7:51 PM.

With all due respect, I would love to watch this movie (or a movie on Hitler, for that matters) to learn about history and see the perspective from the other side (even if I may disagree with it!).

22: Leena (California, U.S.A.), January 22, 2010, 8:12 PM.

I think there is so much other masala in Indira Gandhi's whole life (worthy of Bollywood) that we do not need to fear about it harming any Sikh image in her later stage. In any case, it is a fact that we need a strong association in place which can influence the filmmakers and can bring them closer to reality. If the director portrays her other political actions and decisions accurately, they will themselves show the havoc she created by her decision about BlueStar. So, there is no need to fear, but there is a strong need to educate and influence the filmmakers.

23: Kulvinder Kaur  (Canada), January 22, 2010, 10:57 PM.

I agree with Gurpreet Singh ... this film should not be made. How can she be compared with the holy Hindu goddess- Mother Durga. Yes, she did few interesting things as PM, but let's not forget it was under her rule that India went through a period of dictatorship under the title of 'Emergency Rule'; or 'Operation Blue Star' where thousands of innocent Sikhs were massacred. After 25 years, justice is still not served. Her minions are still roaming free with no actions taken against them whatsoever. No wonder her whole family died in such a pathetic way. "You reap what you sow!"

24: Jasbeer Singh (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), January 23, 2010, 6:27 AM.

No, Hitler should not be glorified on the screen. However, that doesn't mean he cannot be. Anyone attempting to do so would have to consider costs and benefits, with no certainty of such cinematic endeavour finding a public projection opportunity ever. Switching to India. Gandhi was elevated to the status of 'Father of the Nation' and full government support and resources were mobilized to turn the cinematic project on him ("Gandhi') into a best-selling epic. With greater resources available to the present government, the next project will be a bigger epic that will transform their subject into an immortal goddess. There is no business uncertainty and no lack of governmental and public support. While Sikhs have no right (or power) to stop such a project, they can strive to achieve a fair representation in this film that, inspite of alleged killing by her Sikh bodyguards, should not present the entire Sikh community in a negative light. This is a reasonable expectation and appropriate public efforts can provide the desired results without compromising the director's endeavours to glorify Indira Gandhi as Durga re-born. To be effective, Sikh input must be reasonable, presented in a timely and appropriate manner and accompanied with necessary offer to cooperate with the script-writers, directors and producers to avoid any post-production conflict or controversy. We do not have a track record (or history) of approaching such issues in a polished and effective manner, but it's never too late to start. As suggested by someone earlier, this should not stop anyone from producing films and documentaries that present Sikh perspective in a truly accurate and fair manner.

25: Arvinder Singh Kang (Oxford, MS, U.S.A.), January 23, 2010, 10:30 PM.

Although I agree with Gurmeet ji on the existence of propaganda for making such films and the banning of the likex of "Amu", I am against the idea of censorship on free speech. When you burn a paper, its words spread into the air. The only way to fight an expression of thought is to create a more attractive expression of ideas. If all Sikh mothers just spend 10 minutes of their day talking to their kids about our history, origin and faith, we don't need to worry about any propaganda by any majority. Each Sikh stands out in a crowd as a distinctive advertisement of character of our faith' no other religion enjoys this privilege. I also have my faith and my hopes in the tools my generation is creating to get their ideas to larger numbers of people. However, in the words of Noam Chomsky, "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

26: Mohan Singh Ahluwalia (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), January 24, 2010, 2:14 PM.

More about Film on Indira: Besides Hollywood stars, Bollywood actors Dharmendra, Abhay Deol and Nana Patekar have been approached to play Motilal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi and Jai Prakash Narayan respectively. The pre-production work on the film is complete and the film is slated to go on floors by the middle of 2010. It would be shot in India, U.K, U.S.A and Russia. The first part of the biopic will deal with the early life of Indira Gandhi and will go right up to the 1971 war with Pakistan. The second half will span the rest of her life from the 75-77 Emergency to her assassination in the year 1984. Someone is already circulating a Power Point Presentation on the Nehru-Gandhi family secrets.

27: Amar Singh Duggal (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.), January 24, 2010, 8:05 PM.

Obviously there are mischievous brains working behind this move and movie, if it is ever going to be made! It may be an over-reaction on our part, because at least I have not heard of any confirmation that any such movie is going to be made, etc.

28: Puneet Kaur (Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.), January 25, 2010, 6:10 PM.

I believe it will be awful for Sikhs if they make a movie about her as a goddess ... because it will show that Sikhs have killed her, but people won't be told the full truth as to why. They won't be told of the horror she inflicted on the Sikh psyche. I fear it will be like a mini-9/11 for us all over again.

29: Ramnik (New Jersey, U.S.A.), January 25, 2010, 10:15 PM.

Indira gandhi ordered the bombing and destruction of the holiest of Sikh holies, and for that, a movie glorifying her should not and will not be tolerated. The director is treading on thin ice. To all the Sikhs: I implore you to please unify and show your strength against this outrageous project.

30: Sanmeet Kaur (Brampton, Ontario, Canada), January 25, 2010, 11:40 PM.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That creative license is a fundamental right. However, all rights go hand-in-hand with duties. Honesty is not just a prerogative, but the debt a film-maker, a writer, or any artist owes his audience. Undoubtedly half-truths are the lowest form of fraud. Now it remains to be seen whether Mr. Shah will make a film or a mega-indulgent fiasco like his previous Shalimar. has provided a wonderful base for all our diverse inputs. But if we want our voice to be effective it must be one, we must be united in action. Criticisms within ourselves will only make us look foolish and weaken our stance.

31: Hardeep Gill (United Kingdom), January 26, 2010, 7:14 AM.

The best solution really is to have more Sikh films exploring the Sikh side of the story. I know a filmmaker interested in making a documentary about Indira Gandhi but from the Sikh perspective. We should be supporting such ambitions.

32: Harinder (Bangalore, India), January 26, 2010, 10:08 AM.

I agree: The German people should be given a opportunity to express their feelings about Hitler, as should Muslims be given an opportunity to express about Osama bin Laden. They will have a view point very different from what the world believes, but it will be interesting all the same.

33: Daljit Singh (Marietta, U.S.A.), January 26, 2010, 11:36 AM.

I think no reasonable person would disagree that the Government of India is pro-active and with the help of the Punjab politicians and the S.G.P.C., is bent upon destroying the Sikhs and Punjab. I feel strongly and agree that we approach the filmmaker and the proposed cast in time (do not delay) in order to correct the situation.

34: Keerat  (California, U.S.A.), February 23, 2010, 5:57 AM.

So, then what do we do? Has anyone started a formal protest against this movie? Any petitions being circulated around? A lot of us, especially the younger generation, just need to be told what to do, and we'll do it. As far as I know, most people haven't even heard that this movie is being made, but either way we just need some one to lead us in out actions.

35: H. Singh (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada), March 07, 2010, 1:15 AM.

The movie store owners shouldn't keep this movie in stock but they will because they don't think about the community, but only business.

36: Naz  (Punjab), May 30, 2010, 2:43 PM.

I agree with the point that any such movie will be a blow to our national image.

37: Nulli Secundus (Birmingham, United Kingdom), August 02, 2011, 8:27 AM.

Wow. Even though I have a lot of friends who are Sikhs, I never knew much of this. However we all have dark secrets in our past. I am British, we have the most. The telling of history accurately helps make us all more tolerant.

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