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Above: Bhai Kahn Singh (1861-1938) of Nabha, compiler of The Great Sikh Encyclopaedia.


Our New
Sikh Portrait Gallery





Today, we at have the pleasure of launching a new venture: The Sikh Portrait Gallery.

We hope to present to you, via our TODAY’S PHOTO box (please see homepage, just above the large, horizontal banner at the bottom of the page - next to TODAY’S QUOTE) a gallery of Sikh luminaries who have made their mark in a whole array of fields of endeavour, including the arts, sports, business, education, politics, armed forces, media, entertainment, religion, professions,  public service and seva.

The gallery will be curated by Amarjit Singh Chandan, a Sikh-Briton who has himself been often covered in these very pages for his award-winning works in poetry, prose and other art forms. He is a renowned photographer in his own right and has a remarkable collection of images he has garnered through several decades of Sikh and Punjabi movers and shakers, both historical and in the present day.

We intend to, during the coming days, weeks and months, present to you a different portrait each day as TODAY’S PHOTO. Some you will recognize, others you will discover as ones who have been lost to time and to our failure to remember and honour the giants on whose shoulders we stand today.

Amarjit will, in addition to dipping into his own vast collection, scour other private collections to identify, whet, retrieve, record, catalogue and then present to you those who deserve recognition.

You too, dear reader, can assist.

If YOU have any photos or images in your own collection or within reach, we’d appreciate it if you will please forward us a copy by email to

Preferably, in hi-res, but whatever you have will do.

Ideally, with a short description, if one is readily available.

The curator will not be able to individually respond to each of your emails, but if we do post your contribution, we’ll be glad to give you full credit, as you desire.

Your feedback -- in the form of your comments, suggestions as well as criticisms -- can be posted on this page, and will be most welcome and useful.



And, wishing our American friends a Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2013

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1: Jamil Mirza (lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.), July 04, 2013, 11:42 AM.

I have pasted many pictures on the facebook page. Please feel free to use them.

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Sikh Portrait Gallery"

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