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Above & below: details from paintings by the author.


Lighting The Way





The divine light is within all; you are that light. Yours is that light which shines within everyone” - Guru Nanak

An exhibition around the above theme will be held in Derby, United Kingdom on April 24 & 25, 2015 with a view to highlight and spread Guru Nanak’s message through art.

It’ll be held at the Quad in Derby.

The essence of Sikhi is primarily about love of The One, God of all creation … Himself the light of creation and the light within all beings. 

In order to spread this beautiful message of universality, the exhibition has been titled ‘Lighting The Way.’  

In gurbani we find that there are many instances where our poet-mystic Gurus and Bhagats took inspiration from nature and often found analogies with nature to describe the experience and bliss of mediating on the Name.

Guru Arjan, in his exquisite shabad, ‘poota maata ki aasees,’ sings -- “Let this mind of yours be the bumble bee, and let the Lord's feet be the lotus flower."

When asked to do a painting for the exhibition, I wanted to do something from this shabad, which is one of my favourite. The light is represented by the bright sparks of the gems and jewels of gurbani.

My second painting is inspired by a shabad by Guru Amar Das: “The Lord is the most pure and sublime Ocean. The saintly continually peck at the Naam, like swans at pearls in the ocean.” [GGS:128]

The theme of the exhbition has also inspired me to pen some poetry. Here’s one:

The light in All
In gratitude to ‘The Light’ in all
Every breath I take I take for you
I live to experience your presence

The vibrations of your praises awaken the cells deep within me
I exist only for you and because of you
Let me be, let me exist, in your service
The light, the giver of breath the infinite
I bow to you so that you may bless me to live truthfully in your grace

The same light that shines everywhere shines within you
Sometimes our foundation is shaken
Attach yourself to the universe whose foundations can never be broken

Deep within us is a light
Let it shine

If you would like to submit your art work for display in the “Lighting The Way” exhibition, please send submissions by the end of December to

December 11, 2014

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