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Beant Singh (2.00)

Jessi Kaur ji, we Sikhs face more discrimination than African-Americans do today. A short while back, a Sikh man was shot to death by the police in Lodi, California after a family member called 911 during a domestic dispute. He was a Gulf War veteran. Did we resort to looting and vandalism? Where wa...

Passing The Torch (2.00)

They group and scatter in new-found friendships and alliances, gambol on the grass, and prance about in the ball-courts.

Jessi Kaur (2.00)

What a lovely piece! Harvind, with a Mom like you, how can your kids turn out anything but simply beautiful!

Jessi Kaur (2.00)

"Methi di Roti" reminded me of my early days in Northern California when there were no packed roties available - no Vik's Chat House or other establishments that made fresh roties for newly-wed housewives who had never before entered kitchens but now had the task of running a household on their hand...

Bharat Vir Singh (2.00)

Jessi Kaur's assertions that Guru Arjan, in his Sukhmani, blesses pleasurable activities and that these are laudable in Sikhi, are both very misleading presumptions. The Guru does not in any way promote or recommend pleasurable activities. In fact, he simply advises humans to be grateful to God for ...

Jessi Kaur (2.00)

Sikhchic - what a precious site to keep alive the stories about our great Gurus that might otherwise get lost in the crevices of history! Thank you, Sher, and thank you, Hargurmit, for your beautiful addendum.

Jessi Kaur (2.00)

Your article has brought back memories from almost three decades ago, when my husband and I (we were just friends then) followed Prof. Darshan Singh whenever he came on a kirtan tour to New Delhi. Riding Gurjot's bike through the empty streets of the capital during the twilight hour, we would be the...

Shukrana: A Song of Gratitude (2.00)

A song, inspired by the Jewish "Seder", celebrates the gifts and blessings of Sikhi. 

Is It a Virus? (2.00)

"One day, she requested that I cover my head before serving her tea," writes our newest Columnist, JESSI KAUR.

Laughing and Playing ... (2.00)

"Laughing and playing, adorning and feasting ... Salvation is to be found amidst life itself!" sings Guru Arjan.

In Search of Purity (2.00)

When I bow down to make my obeisance to the One God of all, I am happy to be part of the human race.

The Empty Nest (2.00)

Today, in the blink of an eye, he is an adult and ready to enter a new world ...

The Cost of Gluttony (2.00)

The food bonanza offered each day would put a maharaja's chef to shame.

Jessi Kaur (2.00)

It is only when events are viewed through the prism of time that truth is separated from propaganda. That time has come vis-a-vis the partition of India. Sixty years later, the biases and myopic visions of Churchill, Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru - all credited with being great statesmen - are being reveale...

Tapping Into God: Experiencing The Spiritual Spectrum (2.00)

The miracle of our existence is that we can choose. We can choose the wholeness of a loving heart or the splinters of hatred. The only contingency is our willingness.

The Royal Falcon: Now, A Musical (2.00)

The play, much like the book, tells the story of Arjan, a young boy who is taken on a fantastical journey through time by a falcon that teaches him the importance of certain virtues.

The Royal Falcon (2.00)

The illustrations are warm and inviting, distinct, and representative of our family lives here in the diaspora.

Parliament of The World's Religions: Melbourne, Australia (2.00)

Hans Kung: "Religion is merely a pointer to the moon; let's not get confused and think it's the moon itself."

Sohan Singh Seetal (2.00)

The paucity of material I found simply overwhelming.

Reaching Out (2.00)

For once, they knew what they were singing; for once, the words were comforting because they were familiar ...

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