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The Gift of Sikhi
Ardaas, Part Seven
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 39 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

The social blueprint of an ideal society as envisioned by Gurmat is inherent in the notion of Degh & Tegh signifying society as a collective enterprise ...

Sarbat Khalsa Ji Ki Ardaas
Ardaas, Part Six
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 38, Nov 29 - Dec 5 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

The ardaas at this stage identifies the Khalsa and Sikh nation as a collective and united community.

What Is A Head Worth?
Ardaas, Part Five
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 37, Nov 22 - 28 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

We are reminded to stand on principle and lead a life of integrity.

Jinnaah Naam Juppeyyah, Vund Chhukkeyyah
Ardaas Part IV
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 36, Nov 15 - 21 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

Having listed our heroes, the ardaas then turns to the reasons we celebrate them.

Punj Pyaarey, Chaar Sahibzaadey
Ardaas Part III
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 35, Nov 8 - 14 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

The Ardaas now moves into celebrating the exemplars who walked the Way of the Guru.

Pritham Bhagauti Simar Ke
Ardaas Part II
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 34, Nov 1 - 7 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

"Bhagauti" in Sikh parlance means God - literally, the Sword of Justice.

Ardaas: Philosophy, Form & Practice
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 33, October 25 - 31 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

Until I read Dr. Jaswant Singh Neki's book, Ardaas: Darshan, Roop, Abhiyas some years ago, I had never paid much attention to the ardaas.

Exploring The Spiritual Cave
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 32, October 18 - 24 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

Spiritual journeys have been described variously, but my favorite is the analogy of a spiral - moving to the core of one's being.

Anand Karaj
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 31, October 12 - 19 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

"They are not husband and wife who merely sit together. They alone are called husband and wife who have one light in two bodies."

Summer Break Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH TANEJA

The Talking Stick Colloquium will take a short summer break ... and resume its weekly conversation after Labour Day (early Sep.).

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