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The Dark Night of Separation:
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 69 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

Losing one's appetite or even a diminished interest in food is viewed as a symptom of a deeper physical illness ... And so it is in matters of the spirit ... How then do we restore our spiritual health?

Still On The Unbeaten Path:
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 68 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

Guru Nanak’s stress on dharam is very consequential. It is a caution against sectarianism and its consequences that he witnessed (and we continue to, to this day).

Off The Beaten Path:
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 67 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

Religious traditions, like different paths, have clear, identified boundaries, a familiar landscape and a known destination. But they are separated from each other by ritual, dogma and belief.

Remembering Nanak, The Guru
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 66 by RAVINDER SINGH

He invested the conventions, language, concepts, terms, and poetic forms from the tradition of his birth, with new meaning by providing a new context, thus transcending his inheritance.

In the Beginning Was ... The Apple!
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 65 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

By slapping a rainbow on the very “archetype of human fallenness and failure,” says a biographer, Steve Jobs transformed a negative Christian religious symbol - the bitten fruit - into a “sign of promise and progress.”

My Guru & I: A Spiral Journey
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 64 by RAVINDER SINGH

The language was very foreign to me, quite unlike the colloquial Punjabi I was used to. The idiom, rooted as it is in the agricultural landscape of the Punjab, was just as unfamiliar.

Sehaj: The State of Equipoise
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 63 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

The experiencer of sehaj finds a natural, stable and effortless centeredness, marked by a sense of transcendental tranquility, creativity and bliss.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas: The Talking Stick Colloquium #62 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

My wife and I were in for a surprise. When the curtain opened, at least fifty beautiful women in exotic costumes sailed onto the stage - topless!

The Work Ethic: Waheguru-Centered & Purpose-Driven
The Talking Stick Colloquium #61 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

Being centered in Waheguru while striving ceaselessly in the world is a tightrope act that requires us to constantly hold the tension between being carried away and becoming a recluse.

Jugat - The Know-How of Living:
The Talking Stick Colloquium # 60 Convenor: RAVINDER SINGH

In a rat race, frantically looking for the next best thing, the silver bullet, the magical formula to grow rich, to stay young, to be
famous, to be successful...?

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