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Check out the two jokes, above and below: and guess which joke had Sikhs around the world protesting and Indian politicians shedding crocodile tears! [Details from cartoon: courtesy,]


Incredible India:
Two Jokes, Two Reactions

Poem & Cartoons by VISHAVJIT SINGH




Incredible India!

That's the official slogan


So let me give you

An incredible example


On the last day of October

In the year 1984


Indira Gandhi fell

To her bodyguards' bullet spell


Hell broke loose

Revenge was in the news


Sikh men were hunted

As mobs grunted


Fire was the main weapon

Kerosene its deathly maiden


Thousands burnt alive

To ashy delight


Nation mourned

Its downed tyrant


Sikhs cried 'Justice!'

But the guilty escaped

That's how life just is


Except one named Kishori Lal

With an amazing tale


He literally hacked Sikh men

Not one

Not Two

Not Three

...  On and On


Cut them into pieces

In front of little kids


So it was justice

When he got convicted


Sentenced to death seven times

Amazingly by lower courts


But there is justice

Even for those convicted


Supreme Court of India

Commuted death to life terms


Had enough?

Well, not quite


Sentence Review Board

Recommended Kishori's release


Based on good conduct

Oh, please!


Lieutenant Governor agreed

Ordered the butcher released


Victims families screamed

For now the stay is freezed


What can I say

It's a joke!


A joke like

Jay Leno's?


Truly, it is

Incredible, India!



February 19, 2012


Conversation about this article

1: Balbir Arora (Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.), February 19, 2012, 6:55 AM.

Mera Bharat mahaan, Saarey beyeemaan ...

2: Sukhwinder Singh (Ajitgarh, Punjab), February 21, 2012, 5:11 AM.

I agree with you, Vishavjit Singh: the Indian Ministers and diplomats who were so much excited with Jay Leno's joke, why are they mum on the release of the Butcher of Trilokpuri? Yeah, crocodile tears indeed. Also strange that those amongst us who were clamouring about Jay Leno all over the internet and the "courts", now have nothing to say about this joke being played out in New Delhi.

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Two Jokes, Two Reactions"

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