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The Golden Voice Lives on: Jagjit Singh 1941 - 2011 INDIA TODAY

In a recent interview, he had regretted the fact that devotion and practice were disappearing from music at a time when everyone was running after instant fame.

No Stopping Hargo by SCOTT McDONALD

Always fighting against preconceived notions and expectations, more than anything else, the path to his goal thus far has been marked by serendipitous opportunity and a refusal to be conventionalized.

Harshdeep Kaur
New Singing Sensation by SHALINI SHAH

“I was very lucky that a Sikh prayer that I've been singing since childhood was what I sang for A.R. Rahman, that too when I was starting out ..."

Hargo & Hargobind Singh Khalsa by CHAD DEAL

Hargo, a four-piece band that has drawn comparisons to the Beatles, Beck, and Radiohead, recently re-released their five-track Faint Glow EP.

Harcharan Singh: Violinist by NAVEEN KALIA

His prized possessions are two antique violins that are over 200 years old and were handed down to him by his father who had bought it from some Britons.

Surinder Kaur Remembered by S.D. SHARMA

She successfully transported Punjabi traditional and contemporary folk music to a spectacular level of world recognition, leaving an indelible print on its rich musical heritage.

Ik Chota Bacha & Other Sikh Nursery Rhymes CD & Book Review by GURMEET KAUR

It joins the children’s treasure-chest of inspiring and innovative media resources with a strong Sikh message - the first in its class of nursery rhymes in Punjabi.

R & B Singer Prita Chhabra:
Astride Two Worlds by TAMARA BALUJA

Prita speaks perfect Punjabi, has dusky skin and heavily kohl-lined eyes. The only problem? She sings Rhythm & Blues music in English.

Qila Sarai, Sultanpur Lodi:
Reclaiming Our Musical Legacy by VANDANA SHUKLA

After years of persuasion, Anad Conservatory has been able to get a grant from the Govt of Punjab to conserve the sarai and open an academy of devotional music.

Vancouver's International Bhangra Fest VANCOUVER OBSERVER

Tigerstyle consists of two Sikh-Scot brothers, Raj and Pops, and their music is an ambitious blend of R&B, hip-hop, electronic and Bhangra.

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