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Marriage of Music & Visual Art:
Kamaljeet Kaur Ahluwalia An Interview by PRANAY REDDY

I’ll be exploring the Raags from the Sikh Scripture as my Sikhi has been one of the constant threads ...

Dya Singh Does It Again T. SHER SINGH

Dya Singh has just released his latest CD -- “Sacred Chants of The Sikhs” -- and once again, he’s broken the mold.

Gurbani Kirtan & Dhrupad MANJIT SINGH, Seattle

Dhrupad has been the music of the devotees of the subcontinent’s many spiritual traditions.

"Australia doesn't take racism seriously enough" JAKE CLELAND

Hip-hop as a culture is about empowering community, that's how hip-hop was born.

Scholar & Musician Mrigendra Singh SARBPREET SINGH

The next several moments are pure joy as he starts playing the tanpura and begins to sing.

Manika Kaur Releases Debut Kirtan Album:
Satnam Waheguru NEWS REPORT

“Music has no barriers, which is why it brings people together."

Why Does Music Give Us Chills? LUCAS REILLY

Every shabad in The Guru Granth Sahib is set to music and is meant to be sung.

Bhai Amrik Singh Zakhmi:
The Raagi with the Golden Voice SARBPREET SINGH

On November 10, 2013, the world of Gurmat Sangeet said farewell to one of its favorite sons.

1947 - 2013 T. SHER SINGH

I was 22 when I first heard her voice. And instantly fell in love with her.

A New Single from Hip Hop Artist, L-Fresh The Lion:
Sukhdeep Singh/ NEWS RELEASE

"A beautifully arranged eclectic piece that carries a message of restoring faith in humanity."

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