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Nindy Kaur, Manjeet Singh Ral Wow The Toronto Film Festival NEWS REPORT

The international Superstars are back on the red carpet two years after they brought "Singh is King" to the fim fest.

A Music & Dance Adventure: Parvyn Kaur Singh, Andrew Clermont, Josh Bennett by TWEED SHIRE TRIO

Parvyn Kaur - a stunning, pure and soulful voice - and the two masters of strings, make a striking team.  

Kamaljit Singh - Jay Sean - Conquers Pop World by SANTHAM PILLAY

He dropped out of the London School of Medicine and Dentistry to pursue his dream of becoming a singer.

Singing Songs of The Five Takhts by SHAILAJA TRIPATHI

The compositions have been grouped together under various Takhts, presenting their historical development and relevance. 

The Magic & Mystery of Music by I.J. SINGH

THe last time I attended Dya Singh's kirtan, young Sikhs came out of the woodwork to attend and enjoy ...

Noor Jehan: Punjab's Queen of Melody by SADIA MALIK

Her voice touched millions in Punjab and across the subcontinent - the undisputed Mallika-e-Tarrannum.

The Harmonium Gets a Makeover ...Finally! by RADHIKA SETH

It may have been long forgotten in the west but it is still the lifeline of Sikh, Punjabi and Indian music.


My eyes are closed ... The room is awash in the rich strains of the taus. The crisp sound of the jorrhi bounces off the walls.

In Search of Intoxication by SARBPRREET SINGH

Hi name - 'Almast' - itself is intriguing! It hints at an irreverent, radical intoxication. Rebellion. Immersion.

An Unexpected Find:
Vajjan Taal Mridang Rababa by SARBPREET SINGH

Were my ears deceiving me or did I just hear 'Nanak'?

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